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Hi, my name is Evan. My goal is to empower independent professionals with my passion and expertise in Wordpress development.

I love solving complex problems in pursuit of ambitious designs. I strive to provide work that is scalable, practical and user friendly.

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Genesis Tutoring

Tutoring business website | genesistutoring.ca


Genesis Tutoring has been cultivating an online presence since 2015. Over the years, they have iterated through multiple platforms such as Webflow and Squarespace, and have curated a strong brand and design language.

Working closely with the founder, Lauren, I was able to help her move towards a custom developed platform, powered by WordPress, that provided more autonomy, economic viability and stronger performance than any of the business’ previous solutions.

I was also able to bring upgrades to the site design. The foundational design was well established before I began work on the project, however it was limited by the page builders that previous iterations of the site were built on. Drawing from my experience in web and graphic design, and leveraging the flexibility that the new website afforded, I was able to introduce rich design features that strengthened the overall look and feel of the site – solving various pain points that Lauren was experiencing in the process.

According to Lauren, the site has never looked better or provided her with more freedom!


Evan moved me out of the Squarespace bubble into WordPress, which was a better solution for me over time economically. Having built my Squarespace website myself, I wanted to maintain that autonomy in WordPress, which Evan took the time to help me do. He also had an endless amount of patience towards me asking questions, even the ones he didn’t have immediate answers to — Evan would take the time to come up with solutions or detailed answers to *all* of my concerns, often putting in pro bono time outside of our contract.

As a freelance developer Evan is looking to build his portfolio and appreciates client requests that challenge him to build something outside the box. If you are looking to challenge somebody, challenge Evan, because you will benefit from a talented developer’s creations at a reasonable rate (i.e. book him before he gets completely overrun with clients). You will also find that Evan is extremely easy to communicate with and will keep you in the loop as much as you’d like to be kept in the loop — for some people, that’s not very much, but for me it was every detail, and Evan definitely delivered on the communication/promise.

Lauren Fagen, founder of Genesis Tutoring

Nimra Bandukwala Artist Portfolio

Art portfolio website | nimrabandukwala.com


I worked with Evan over several months to develop websites for two projects – An artist website and a project website.

Evan was fantastic to work with. He was well organised, brought many ideas to the table to enhance user experience, and was very timely with his deliverables.

I was previously using Squarespace for both websites which ended up being quite pricey. Evan was very supportive with getting me set up with more affordable alternatives.

He did an amazing job on both websites. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to develop a website!

Nimra Bandukwala


Description coming soon.

Reth aur Reghistan

A multidisciplinary art & research project | sculpturalstorytelling.com


I used Squarespace for a project website, Reth aur Reghistan, for a few years. This helped in building up the aesthetic and brand, but eventually got too expensive to justify continuing alongside mine and my sister’s personal websites. My sister connected with a web developer, Evan Buckiewicz, through a mutual friend, and it ended up working out great for us. Having someone who understood artist requirements specifically helped to tailor recommendations and assets, and to increase web accessibility.

Manahil Bandukwala, writing for open-book.ca. Read the full article here.


Description coming soon.

Naughty Nettle Medicinals

Small business website | welovenettles.ca


Mark runs an independent business providing plant walks and workshops around the city of Montreal.

I helped him update his branding and built him a low cost, high performing website that resulted in a noticeable increase in leads.

The entire package paid for itself within a period of three years, from the reduction of annual costs compared to his previous solution on Squarespace.


Evan is a very attentive and hard working individual. He listens to your needs well and he made me a beautiful website.

Mark Reynolds

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