High quality websites that you control, built with a human touch.

Hi, my name is Evan. My goal is to empower independent professionals with my passion and expertise in Wordpress development.

I love solving complex problems in pursuit of ambitious designs. I strive to provide work that is scalable, practical and user friendly.

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Own your online presence

As a self-employed web developer, I have a lot of empathy for independent professionals and their unique needs.

With my deep understanding of WordPress development and the Gutenberg block editor, I specialize in creating high quality websites that not only look great, but also provide a robust and intuitive publishing experience, giving you a high degree of control over the content of your site. Unlike generic website builders such as Squarespace or Wix, I will work directly with you, leveraging my industry knowledge and careful attention to detail to build an end product that truly reflects your business and cultivates meaningful interactions with your audience.

I prioritize web accessibility, which is an often overlooked aspect of web development that leads to improved technical SEO and heightened user experience. I am trained to meet strict standards for accessibility compliance that will ensure your website is user-friendly for all visitors, including those with disabilities, and that you are represented with professionalism at every step of your audience’s journey.

With my services, you’ll have a personalized platform that is not only high performing, flexible and accessible, but also entirely self-owned and self-hosted. Of course, you can choose to have me or someone else handle the hosting for you; the key is that you can choose. This will ensure affordable hosting costs, scalability and give you full control over all aspects of your online presence.

Whether you’re an artist, solopreneur, small business or service provider, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with a website that is tailor-made to your vision, both in front and behind the scenes. My low cost of operation allows me to keep my rates highly competitive as well. Rather than settle for the generic options that large marketing campaigns will point you to, let me help you create something special. Contact me to learn more about how I can serve your needs.


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Reth aur Reghistan

A multidisciplinary art & research project | sculpturalstorytelling.com


I worked with Evan over several months to develop websites for two projects – An artist website and a project website.

Evan was fantastic to work with. He was well organised, brought many ideas to the table to enhance user experience, and was very timely with his deliverables.

I was previously using Squarespace for both websites which ended up being quite pricey. Evan was very supportive with getting me set up with more affordable alternatives.

He did an amazing job on both websites. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to develop a website!

Nimra Bandukwala


Description coming soon.

Naughty Nettle Medicinals

Small business website | welovenettles.ca


Evan is a very attentive and hard working individual. He listens to your needs well and he made me a beautiful website.

Mark Reynolds


Description coming soon

Funky Shrimp

Fashion portfolio site | funkyshrimp.ca


I asked Evan to help make me an online portfolio so that I could send it out to get some styling jobs.

I told him exactly what I wanted (I have limited knowledge when it comes to websites), he was able to put together exactly what I was looking for and even added some cute detailing that he thought that I would like (I loved).

Evan spent hours on this website and did an excellent job, couldn’t be happier. He also didn’t mind making some tweaks when I asked, was always happy to do it/receive the feedback.

He also showed me how to work it/wrote me a manual. He went above expectations, he’s very professional with what he does.

Thanks so much for your hard work and making my website dreams come true! Can’t wait to share this with some of my potential employers.

Kelly Jewer

Services Provided

  • Produced a site design.
    • Design was informed by brand materials (color scheme, logo images) that were provided
    • Design is integrated with the site builder (WordPress block editor) so that all added content has a unified aesthetic
  • Developed a website that is lightweight, flexible, and built to be maintained long term by the site owner, with no coding knowledge required
  • Logos were vectorized. This process ensured that the images load fast and appear crisp on all screen sizes and resolutions
    • Vectorization also allowed the footer logo to be animated, further personalizing the website
  • User manual written and provided to the site owner

Poetry Garden

Community platform, literature portfolio site builder | poetry.garden


Poetry Garden is a personal project of mine that is still a work in progress. It is currently launched in pre-beta as a MVP.

  • Multisite platform: users can register accounts and create websites.
  • Websites can be used to publish poetry, fiction and non-fiction.
  • Publications are listed on main website, in addition to the author’s website (unless specified otherwise)
  • Users receive author profiles that list all of their publications, sites and other customizable information
  • Users can follow, message and comment on the publications of other users


  • Integrate author sites with a robust site building toolkit using the WordPress block editor
  • Add audio and podcast formats
  • Add functionality for collecting and broadcasting to email lists
  • Add groups for discussion, networking and collaborative publishing & site building
  • General design and UI improvements
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